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Welcome to the Mr.Bear Website. Please read the rules before you print out a document.

This website is a wiki that hosts documents on popular show in the mid-80's. It was orginally going to be made as a kids show, but eventually an unknown event happened which caused it to become violent.This website documents somedocuments about what happened. You can help us by recovering documents with information on the show, such as diary entries, blogs, or books. Be kind and helpful and we will reward you. These rewards include promotions, such as a sysop, or chat moderator. However, you must work for these rewards. You also must not of been terminated at least three times in the past to become sysop. 

When you become sysop, you aren't the person who becomes "in charge". You just get some extra buttons to help this website, such as "delete" or "user rights managmanet" or "protect". You are also given the right that people who don't have your right must respect you.

Also, do not forget to add newly printed documents to the Document Listing. Failure to do this will result in you being terminated for (no less) then one day. This termination does NOT count towards your attempts to be promoted to sysop.

Thank you for your visit. Now go print out some documents.   

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